Sunday, May 16, 2010

Million Dollar Arrest Warrant Issued

Last week, Sacramento was on the lookout for a convicted sex offender who had a $1 million arrest warrant issued for him. Benjamin Dee Kendrick disappeared after police had searched his residence and seized his computer. The images and information found on the computer were highly disturbing. Kendrick had over 100 child pornography images and was maintaining an online relationship with a woman in Brazil who was discussing the transfer of her 7 year old daughter to the United States for sexual purposes over email. The correspondance between Kendrick and this woman was believed to have been going on for at least a few months. Kendrick was arranging for the woman's daughter to come live with him and serve as a sex slave. He even discussed killing the girl. When authorities became aware of these emails, they were unsure if the girl had already gotten into the United States and was in danger. Due to the serious nature of the emails, they scrambled to find Kendrick as soon as possible. Brazilian authorities were cooperating with US officials as well. On May 13, Kendrick was finally arrested in Davis, California which is just a short drive from Sacramento. What became of the young girl remains to be disclosed. Kendrick was also a designer for a website for the National Safe Child Coalition. He admitted to using the site to have access to children to continue to abuse them.

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  1. oh my God...that a crazy man would do such a thing doesn't surprise me. that a mother would agree to it...