Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jennifer Schuett Lived to Tell

Jennifer Schuett is an inspiration. She forced herself to remember every detail of her assault. Raped as a child, she didn't want anyone else to be victimized by the same man. After twenty years, she got her wish. As horrendous as this crime was, the story of this woman's courage and determination is what makes this so amazing and empowering. Dennis Earl Bradford had kidnapped and raped eight year old Jennifer before trying to kill her. Thinking she would die, as she almost did, Bradford left her in a field. He went on to assault at least one other woman and served time in prison before he was let out on parole. He had a wife and children, and when confronted with the DNA evidence, confessed to the crimes. As comforting as it is that he is off the streets, he was a coward. Jennifer knew exactly what she would say to him, and wanted him to know that she never gave up looking for him. Before she could face him, he hung himself. Some people say death is what he deserved anyway, but Jennifer Schuett deserved to face him first, and speak the words she waited to say. Jennifer Schuett is a survivor no matter the outcome, and for that and her voice, we applaud her.

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