Monday, April 26, 2010

Gardner may have tried to assault others

John Albert Gardner III, who has plead guilty in the rape and murders of both Chelsea King and Amber Dubois may have attempted to assault others, including an eleven year old girl. Gardner was a registered sex offender before King and Dubois became his victims and served only 5 years, even though he was found to be violent and was recommended to serve his entire sentence. What will it take for the courts to put this man away-FOREVER? He would've never had the opportunity to kill Dubois or King, and now those families and communities suffer. Other women, who were in the same area as King are convinced that they encountered Gardner, as well as a little girl who was walking home from school. This is a predator, who was out looking for a victim, for his next conquest. Who is in charge of keeping track of these sex offenders, because it doesn't seem like anyone knows where they are, and what they are doing in their spare time. Chelsea King and Amber Dubois may still be alive today, if Gardner was serving the time he was sentenced to, or if a parole agent knew what he was up to.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fifteen Year Old Sells Herself, Seven Year Old Sister

By now, most of us have heard this story. In New Jersey, a fifteen year old girl not only slept with men for money, but then sold her little sister to others for sexual acts. The fifteen year old girl went to a party in a well known apartment complex and brought her seven year old sister along. The apartments where the crime took place are considered dangerous and police are hired as security. There were grown men as well as teenage boys involved in the assault which started out as touching and proceeded to a rape. The girl was eventually returned home and her sister is being held in a detention facility. The question is why? Is money really the only motivation this fifteen year old girl had in offering up herself, as well as her sister? How does someone allow these terrible things to happen to someone they love, someone who is as innocent and vulnerable as a seven year old? Is this girl pure evil, or was she threatened? What drives one to com mitt such a sick and twisted act of violence? All individuals at this party are responsible. Every single one who participated in the acts, or watched as they occurred. If you do nothing to stop the assault, you are just as guilty of destroying a life.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sex Offender Island

On Inside Edition last night, they reported on a place called McNeil Island, also known as Sex Offender Island, which is located in Washington state. The only way to get to this island, which is in fact filled with violent sexual predators, is by ferry. The island houses over 200 sex offenders who have already served their prison sentences, but have been deemed too dangerous to enter back into society. They are sent here indefinitely to live out their life. Only six people have ever been released. These individuals can take computer classes, and are offered therapy, though it is not mandatory. What is interesting, is that some of these individuals feel that they have served their time and that their rights are being violated by keeping them here. Some will say that they are "cured", but a minute later will not give a guarantee that they will not re offend. Do we feel that these predators can be cured? Given therapy and rehabilitation, can we trust these people back in our neighborhoods? Sex Offender Island does not have armed guards, but has razor wire fencing surrounding it. The cost to house these people is more than six figures, but our safety is worth that, right? Is this the solution, to house these predators far away from society where they cannot hurt anyone? And how do we know if therapy works?