Sunday, March 28, 2010

Young Deaf Boys Let Down by Church Leaders

Most of time, when you hear about a priest, or church official committing a sex crime, it stays silent for years, until an adult comes forward with the news. In this case, a young man repeatedly told others about the abuse he had been subjected to by a priest, only to have it ignored. Steven Geier, now 59 and living in Madison, WI tells of how as a teenager, and even later as an adult he told other priests of the abuse he had endured. Being deaf, Geier, along with others used sign language and gestures to report the abuse. Father Murphy could have hundreds of victims. Between 15 and 20 affidavits were collected, only to have the "higher ups" ignore the severity of what was going on and continue to pass it along to others. Neither the Archbishop or the district attorney were of any help. Father Murphy was thought to be "too valuable" and continued working with deaf children for the next 24 years.

Child Predator Laws Should be Funded and Enforced

Amber Dubois went missing over a year ago. The 14 year old was on her way to school when she disappeared. About a week after Chelsea King was killed, Amber's remains were found. The same man who has been charged in King's rape and murder is now a suspect in Amber's disappearance. Although John Albert Gardner III has not been charged yet, he is the only suspect authorities have named. During a memorial service in which Chelsea King's family participated, Maurice Dubois, Amber's father asked the audience to help protect our children. These young girls may still be alive today if we could enforce child predator laws. Earlier this week in the state of California, "Chelsea's Law" was to be introduced. It would call for GPS monitoring of all repeat sex offenders. Some argue this violates the rights of those who it will affect....well, the violated the rights of their victims and their families when they chose to committ a crime. Our right to feel safe in our own neighborhood has been violated too. Let's start listening to the victims and the family members who have lost their child to these predators. They are the ones fighting to keep the rest of us safe.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

When does Alcala Pay For His Crimes?

Rodney James Alcala has a long history. In 1972, he was convicted of kidnapping, raping and beating a little girl, who was just eight years old. He served two years. In 1979, he was arrested for raping and beating a fifteen year old. He was found guilty last week on five counts of murder(four women and a girl). That eight year old and that 15 year old are now grown women. They, along with the murder victims family members are testifying against him in the penalty phase of his trial. Acting as his own lawyer, this sick monster gets to cross examine these women. He gets another chance to traumatize them! At 66 years old, he could be facing the death penalty. When will he finally serve his time? This is a man who has been CONVICTED. Let him rot in jail, or meet his fate while there. As much as the testimony of these women may help the sentencing, five counts of murder should be good enough to be put away. The last sentence of this story might make your skin crawl.,0,1211732.story

Sexual Predator Linked to Chelsea King and Maybe Others

Chelsea King was found raped and murdered last week in southern California. A registered sex offender has been charged after DNA evidence linked him to the crime. John Albert Gardner III plead guilty in 2000 to molesting a thirteen year old girl. Prosecutors only recommended a six year term for that crime, but now he will face the death penalty if convicted. What is sad, is that this crime and so many others could have been prevented if we could find a way to keep these sex offenders off the streets. King's parents are already speaking about our current laws, and how there needs to be changes made so that these people do not have access to the children who end up as their victims. There has been talk that Gardner could be responsible for other attacks in the area, as well as the disappearance of another girl, Amber Dubois. Amber's remains were recently found, but officials are not saying if Gardner's arrest has anything to do with it. When can we stop worrying about our children walking to school, or going for a jog in a park? What measures do we need to take to protect them from these vile individuals that continue to prey on innocent people? Chelsea's parents might receive justice if Gardner is found guilty, but they how can they find peace, now that their daughter is dead?