Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Native Americans women more likely to be victim of violent crime

"The chance an Indian woman will be the victim of a violent crime is three and a half times greater than the national average..." says the article.  What a scary statistic, and one that the Native American community would like to overcome.  With a new law to support them, they are making efforts to change these numbers.

This week, over 150 people in New Mexico met to discuss the Tribal Law and Order Act, a broad new federal law that will focus on crime on reservations.  The act will require training so that any officers that serve Indian Country will be able to interview sexual assault victims and collect evidence at the crime scene. 
A protocol for aiding these victims will also be established along with additional services.  They are hoping to improve the care and concern that both sexual assault and domestic violence victims are in need of. 


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