Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wisconsin District Attorney under investigation

When the people who are assigned to uphold the law and to keep the public safe from harm take advantage of victims, it's disappointing and difficult to understand.  When people in power abuse it, they tarnish the image of those who do their job respectfully.  District Attorney Ken Kratz has now been accused by a third woman for harassment.  Governor Jim Doyle of Wisconsin now has the job of investigating Kratz on the allegations and determining whether or not to try and remove Kratz from office.   Apparently, Kratz is unavailable for comment because he is now in an outpatient program.  The other women to come forward have been a domestic violence victim and a woman who claims Kratz wanted to take her to an autopsy after the had had dinner.  Aren't we supposed to trust people like Ken Kratz?  If the allegations are found to be true, how do we maintain and build trust with those in Kratz' position?