Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Journey" Exhibit Opens in New York

Kudos to actress Emma Thompson, whose art exhibit to raise awareness on human sex trafficking opened in New York this week. The controversial exhibit shows the grim reality of life as a sex slave.
When Thompson realized that a woman was working as a sex slave in her own neighborhood, she wanted to do something to stop this horrific crime. Most people don't realize that the sex trade industry is a multi million dollar business that takes place everywhere, including suburban neighborhoods right here in the United States. Unfortunately, the exhibit is only in New York for the week, and then will go overseas. As important as it is to raise awareness all over the world,it's too bad this exhibit could not be shown in more US cities. This is a huge issue and the exhibit seems to be a powerful eye opener.

Missouri Family Charged With Heinous Sex Crimes

Six men in Missouri have been charged with numerous sex crimes. The men are all part of the Mohler family. Some of the men are even ministers in their church. Charges include sodomy and rape of a child under the age of twelve. A young woman came forward in August of this year with the allegations and some of her siblings have corroborated her story. Investigators do believe there may be other victims and are hoping they will also come forward and assist in this case. They are in the process of searching part of the land that was once owned by two of the men who have been charged. Additional information continues to surface regarding the case, and seems to get more and more disturbing. As hard as it is to read the details, imagine the victims who "lived" through this.