Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nine Year Investigation Shows Thousands Were Abused

Ireland is the stage for yet another story of abuse in the Catholic church. A report that is over 2,500 pages reveals physical and sexual abuse along with many other forms of mistreatment of children. Those children are now adults between the ages of 50-80 years old. These victims were orphans or were spending time in reform schools. They were forced to work, subjected to degrading acts, beaten and raped. The report also shows that known pedophiles were working in these institutions and were protected by the Catholic church. Investigations started after the victims pushed for it, but the report does not name the perpetrators. There have been some apologies from the government and church, and both have paid thousands of victims with money. Does naming the perpetrator, apologizing or paying off the victims really do much? How do you measure the emotional and psychological abuse these victims still suffer from? What determines that justice has been served? How does something like this happen for so long to so many people? These are all questions that haven't been answered and probably never will. As much as publishing this report has brought attention to this serious matter, the abusers have paid no price. By protecting the names of the abusers, the lack of accountability is like adding salt to the wound. It shows that there is support for the abuser instead of the victims which seems to be the worse crime of all.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Law in Sacramento Should be Naitonwide

In Sacramento, victims of domestic violence now have an option when trying to leave their abuser. When women (and men) live in rental units, they are more likely to be abused. They are also concerned about the consequences of leaving those rental units, even when their safety depends on it. They don't want to be held financially responsible for breaking a lease and ruining any credit history they might have. A new law now allows victims to leave their residence, provided they give a written notice to their landlord, copy of the police report or restraining order, and pay 30 days of rent after the notice was given. They will not be held responsible for anything else if those requirements are met. It seems like this would be true anywhere. Isn't this the obvious way to handle such a situation? Why punish someone who is already paying a huge price? Why wouldn't this be a law in any city or state? By asking for the copy of the police report or restraining order, you can safeguard against those who would take advantage of this law and try to get out of paying rent. Those are the people who don't need the protection this law provides. Leaving an unhealthy and violent situation isn't always easy for the victim. This law makes the decision a little less challenging.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tennessee Signs Young Man with a Past

Tennessee has signed Daniel Hood to their football program this fall. Daniel Hood made a terrible mistake when he was 13 years old. Now, 19, he doesn't hide the fact that he helped assault a girl who was raped. His role in this crime landed him in a rehabilitation center. Members of the community have all rallied around him and believe he deserves this opportunity. He has expressed his remorse and even has the support of the victim. Was he a victim himself being coerced into the situation by the older boy who was eventually convicted of the rape? It would be interesting to get more background on this story.

Afghan Women Protest New Law

Afghan women gathered in protest trying to convince Parliment to get rid of the new law that puts restrictions on their everyday life. Women would be required to submit to their husbands sexual desires at all times and to seek permission to go to school or have a job outside of the home. These regulations are reminiscent of the Taliban and strip the women of their rights. All these women want is to be treated with respect and enjoy the freedoms that women around the world enjoy. These women are met by angry groups of men who scream profanities and threaten the protesters.