Thursday, March 12, 2009

Same Person Responsible for 13 Rapes?

Students at both Kansas State and the University of Kansas have been alerted by school officials to be extra cautious during spring break, which begins next week. Over the last eight years, 13 rapes have occured at the two school campuses during school breaks. Investigators believe the same person could be responsible due to similiarities in the attacks. The schools have put warnings up on their websites and different groups have handed out pamphlets on and off campus. The schools have even emailed students to get the word out, and have alerted the community to be on the lookout. This is a great approach to draw awareness and take preventative measures. The schools are showing support for a very serious issue that affects many young people, especially during the college years.

Does GPS Monitoring of Sex Offenders Work?

When convicted sex offenders are fitted with GPS monitoring devices we assume that someone is watching their every move and ensuring the safety of those around them. GPS will tell you where an offender is or was, but it doesn't tell you what he or she is doing at the time. GPS is a valuable tool in corroborating an offenders alibi or confession, but only after that crime has already been attempted or committed. Experts say GPS needs to work with other programs to be successful, and not to count on an ankle bracelet to deter an offender from committing another crime.

Darrin Sanford is a homeless convicted sex offender who was wearing a GPS device when he killed a 13 year girl after attempting to rape her. The young girl had been warned to stay away from the area in which she was assaulted, but she went anyway. It certainly doesn't mean she deserved what happened to her. She was a teen. A young girl who felt confident enough to walk through that field. Her family did what they could by warning her of the dangers. They were trying to protect her. Darrin Sanford took advantage of the situation and killed her when he couldn't do what he intended. The GPS did not stop him from committing this terrible crime, but why was he out in the streets anyway? He had been in trouble before for not registering as a sex offender, so how many chances does he get? His offenses went back 10 years, and now a young girl is dead and a family devastated.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Oprah's Magazine Shares Stories from Male Survivors

David France talks with men who have survived sexual abuse and their wives in Oprah's magazine "O". 1 in 6 men will be sexually abused in their lifetime, and more often than not, they stay silent about it. In this article, three men share their stories and their struggle with their relationships. Their marriages have suffered, but their wives have stood by and are invovled in the healing process. A lot of times, intimacy issues come up when the victims become involved in a healthy relationship. The individuals responsible for the abuse have not only altered the victims life, but all the people around that person. This goes for their wives, girlfriends, partners, parents, children and anyone else they may be close to. It affects so many more people than we think, and seems to take on a domino effect.
With any victim of sexual violence, it's hard to come forward and report the abuse, but with men and young boys, there are even more victims who stay silent. They tend to feel ashamed and embarrassed that they couldn't stop the perpetrator and even worry that the abuse defines their sexuality. Sexual abuse knows no boundaries and doesn't discriminate. These men were strong enough to come forward and discuss the most intimate stages in their lives. We should all be thankful that they were brave enough to shatter the silence.

"Operation Cross Country" Works to Combat the Abuse of Children

Twenty-nine cities took part in "Operation Cross Country", and 48 minors were found in the raids. Nationwide, over 500 adults were arrested and charged with prostitution related charges. Prostitution has been a problem all over the country for years, but more and more minors seem to be involved. Whether they selling their bodies by force or by "choice", these young people are being taken advantage of. Some of the prostitutes are as young as 12 years old.,child-prostitution-crackdown-022309.article