Saturday, January 24, 2009

Missing 15 Year Old Boy Found With Sex Offender

Lucas Kemmerle was finally found in South Carolina. The Ohio youth has been missing for two weeks and was found with a registered sex offender. Kemmerle was found with twenty-two year old Zachary Wisor, who is facing numerous charges including a federal offense for living unregistered in another state.

Man Rapes Girlfriends Son

In Massachusettes, a man raped his girlfriends seven year old son. The little boy told his mother what happened and she reported it to the police. Forty-two year old Robert Fleury was arrested and is facing multiple charges. Fleury will be back in court on February 18.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wisconsin Mayor Gary Becker Charged with Sex Crimes

The mayor of Racine, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee was caught attempting to meet a fourteen year old girl he had met online. The fourteen year old girl was actually an undercover female agent. Becker is a married man with two children of his own. Sexually explicit material was found on his computer and he is facing multiple charges.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Four Men Rape Lesbian

In December, a 28 year old woman was accosted by four males, two adults and two juveniles. This was in San Francisco, while the woman was walking across the street. The men proceeded to brutally rape the woman, who was an openly gay lesbian. They taunted her and raped her repeatedly before stealing her wallet and vehicle. All four men have been arrested and the assault is considered a hate crime. This is a heinous crime, and the perpetrators should receive the stiffest penalties.

Looking for Laura Garza

On December 3, 2008, Laura Garza disappeared. She was last seen with a serial sex offender named Michael Mele. They were last seen leaving a New York club. Mele is 23 years old and has a long list of offenses for which he was on probation. He has been arrested for violating that probation for drinking at a club on the night in question. Although he has not yet been charged wtih anything for Laura Garza, police have searched his home and the surrounding areas. They have found womens clothing, and Mele had bite marks and scratches when he was arrested. Why this man was not serving jail time for his previious crimes, or being monitored more closely is something to question and very disturbing. To read more and to see the other related stories regarding this case: