Monday, October 27, 2008

Beware on Halloween...

Halloween is supposed to be a day for the neighborhood kids to dress up and go to all the houses to collect candy. This is a little scary nowdays. A woman recently wrote into the paper asking if it was okay for her to feel uncomfortable that an older man photographed her two young daughters as they approached his door on Halloween. Maybe there isn't a law against it, or the kids had amazing costumes, but wouldn't you ask permission? I never had my photo taken by an adult when I was a child trick or treating. It does sound a little awkward. Are parents supposed to research the neighborhood with their access to the Megan's Law website? In some states, convicted sex offenders are not allowed to hand out candy to children. Unfortunatley, that is not the case in California. In Atascadero, a sex offender was asked to take down his Halloween display. Having an elaborate display would definatley attract children to his home on Halloween night and residents did not feel comfortable with this. Maryland seems to have a nice plan by asking registered sex offenders to display a sign stating that their is no candy at that paticular residence. Just be aware of your surroundings, just like any other day.

Sex Offenders Will Have to Wear GPS

In a New York county, high risk sex offenders will have to wear a GPS ankle bracelet to let police officials know their whereabouts twenty-four hours a day. Programs like this throughout the country have shown that it cuts the amount of repeat sex offenders in half.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Man Who Worked for Civil Rights Gets 15 Years

Reverand James L. Bevel was convicted of incest for having sex with his own daughter, who was a teenagaer at the time. Bevel was given fifteen years, which was the maximum. This man has four other daughters who have made similar allegations against him. He believed that parents should be the ones to expose their children to sexual situations. His daughters had hoped for an apology from him, but he did not comply. He started molesting his daughter at the age of six and it eventually led to rape. This is a man who was involved with multiple civil rights organizations and worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rhode Island Schools To Teach About Dating Violence

The Lindsay Ann Burke Act is a new law in Rhode Island that will require all public middle and high schools to teach students about dating violence. Lindsay Burke was killed by an abusive boyfriend at the age of twenty-three. Her parents, Ann and Chris Burke headed the initiative, and hope it will help others before it is too late. They feel that if Lindsay had known more about dating violence, she could've recognized the dangers sooner and had a better idea of how to get away from her boyfriend. She had repeatedly left him, but maintained contact. Texas already mandates awareness education and the National Association of Attorneys General are encouraging the education in other states. This kind of education could offer so much empowerment and support for young people. For possible victims and even assailants, this could teach them the boundaries that are so often crossed, before it becomes deadly.

Arkansas Evangelist Arrested in Arizona

Tony Alamo, also known as Bernie Hoffman was arrested in Arizona on charges that he took children across state lines to engage in sexual activity. Officials searched Alamo's compund looking for evidence that children have been molested of filmed engaging in sexual activity. This is a man who believes that as soon as a girl enters puberty, she can give consent to marry. Six young girls were taken from the compound, but no details have been released. They were between the ages of ten and seventeen. Tony Alamo was charged under the Mann Act which is normally used with interstate prostitution cases.