Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sex Offender Who Posed as Seventh Grader to Serve 70 Years

Neil Havens Roderick II is a actually a thirty year old man. He is also a convicted sex offender. For two years, he posed as a twelve year old boy and attended multiple schools in the state of Arizona. In 2007, school officials became suspicious and a search of Rodericks home turned up child pornography. He, along with three other men posed as a family! Roderick was charged with 28 counts, but only had to plead guilty to a handfull of them. Arizona attorneys say he will serve seventy years and will not be eligible for parole.

Update in Sunnyvale

In July 2008, there was a blog posting here referring to Sunnyvale, Texas and the sexual assaults occuring at a middle school there. Six students now face felony charges. One fifteen year old who is believed to be the the leader of the group is facing five felony charges which include aggravated assault. Most of the accused students have switched schools or were expelled. The victims of these horrendous crimes still deserve justice, and this story still deserves the attention. There needs to be more pressure on the officials in Sunnyvale to make sure justice is served. The entire community should expect and receive this.