Monday, August 25, 2008

Aaron Mohanlal Goes to Jail!

Aaron Mohanlal, the convicted sex offender who had yet to serve any of his 43 year prison sentence, finally went to jail His bond was revoked after it was discovered that no liens were placed on the properties used for collateral, and they weren't worth the amount originally reported anyway. He spent a full year as a free man, and now the victim and his family can say there is some justice. In an August 5th blog, the story is detailed.

Lady Who Cloned Dead Dog is Sex Slave Kidnapper

Maybe some of you heard about the woman who had her pitbull cloned. What we didn't know was that Joyce Bernann was actually Joyce McKinney. McKinney originally denied it, but finally admitted who she really was. In England, in 1977, she kidnapped a Mormon missionary, tied him to a bed and forced sexual intercourse with him. She claims to be a different person these days, but has had her fair share of issues. Why would you do something like clone your dog, knowing the kind of attention you're going to receive if you aren't willing to face the charges that should be brought against you? In 1977, she denied the sexual assault, but fled back to the United States after she was let out on bail. Either way, for the young man she did this to, maybe it will provide some closure to a horrible ordeal.

440 Years for Police Officer Convicted of 4 Rapes

In Bloomington, Illinois, Jeff Pelo, a former police sergeant was sentenced to 440 years in prison. Pelo was convicted on 35 counts, including sexual assault. He was convicted in June and sentenced earlier this month. His motion for a new trial was denied. Pelo had multiple victims, some of which were present for his sentencing. This is a man who abused his power and position as a police officer. How you can vow to uphold the law and set an example in society and then violate the very people you are supposed to protect is unspeakable. To read more on Jeff Pelo:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Convicted Child Molester Has Yet to Serve Any of 43 Year Prison Term

Aaron Mohanlal was a teacher in South Florida when he forced a young boy to have sex with him repeatedly over a two year period. He was convicted on 13 counts, sentenced to a 43 years prison term and has yet to serve a day in jail. Mohanlal was given a rare bond that allows him to remain free while his case is tried on appeal. "Everyone has a right to a first appeal" is the only thing Mohanlal's attorney will say in regards to the case. What about the victims right to justice? Or even the communitys? Who wants a convicted sex offender living and working in their neighborhood? A teacher is supposed to be an adult that is trusted by everyone, especially young people. He has proved that he is dangerous and someone to be wary of. Other students at the school even testified in the case against him. He wears a GPS monitoring system but was not even ordered to stay away from children. How is man who preys on children given so much freedom? To read more on this story:

Interview with Jennifer Baumgardner

Here is a condensed version of Abby Panozzo's interview with Jennifer Baumgardner. Jennifer Baumgardner's "I was Raped" campaign personalizes rape and discusses how it is a problem that affects all of us. It is an issue that not only affects the victim, but our entire community. It has this tremendous impact, and everyone has a responsibility to help "shatter the silence around sexual violence".
How can victims/survivors gain and exercise their agency, if they are not provided with opportunities to participate in documentaries or local campaigns? JB:"We have many opportunities to discuss rape-to confront it, believe it exists, signal that we are safe people to talk to, question a perpetrator-and I hope projects like this one suggest to people that they can begin to interrupt rape culture themselves..." Could you elaborate on the role this project could potentially have for sexual violence prevention and intervention organiztions, such as PAVE? JB:"I think that any time media attention or popular attention is drawn toward the issue of rape and sexual violence by anyone, particularly someone with a commitment and understanding of feminism, it can bring added energy, money, and attention to the important work that organizations like PAVE and RAINN are doing...the goal of the project is to personalize rape...make it about personal encourages people to come out about their rape and sexaul assault experiences and , I hope get support from or lend support to places like PAVE."