Saturday, July 26, 2008

Repeat Sex Offender Charged with Kidnapping of Brooke Bennett

Michael Jacques is a twice convicted sex offender with a history going back over 30 years. His niece, Brooke Bennett went missing June 25 and her body was found a week later. He is now being charged with the 12 year old girls disappearance. He'd been released for his previous crimes and now Brooke Bennett is dead. On June 29 he was charged with sexual assault in yet another unrelated case. Why is it that he is even able to commit these crimes? These incidents could have been PREVENTED all together! This is a classic example of a repeat sex offender continuing their vicious cycle of assault. Our justice system needs to recognize that these individuals are likely to re-offend. We need to keep people like Michael Jacques behind bars. There needs to be stiffer penalties and closer monitoring of those that are able to be released from jail or prison. Brooke Bennett is a girl who should'nt have had to face this monster. - newspaper in VT
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Frustration in Sunnyvale

PAVE's Survivor Justice Campaign has been involved in a sexual assault case in Sunnyvale, Texas. Five teens at Sunnyvale Middle School are facing charges of indecency and aggravated sexual assault that took place around the school and during a gym class in the boys locker room. After an adult walked in on one of the assaults, minor punishment was given and the incident was pushed aside. Rumors of the incident, and others like it began to raise concern and bring attention to what was happening at the school. When parents and other members of the community spoke with school official and the police, the incidents were brushed off as bullying. They were not willing to open an investigation. The residents of Sunnyvale did not feel that enough was being done. They felt that the principal Diana Freeman and other faculty members were covering it up. PAVE put pressure on the sheriff, school and superintendent by writing letters demanding an investigation. An outside investigator, Harry Jones, was hired to look into the matter. The information was disturbing. Over the course of last school year, multiple students were assaulted. Not only that, but young girls at the school are regularly harassed in the hallways. The victims of these assaults are still forced to attend class with the students who assaulted them because most haven't faced any consequences for their actions. It seems that this behavior is excused and tolerated in this middle school environment. Schools are supposed to be a safe place for children to learn. The victims in this case are being violated all over again by school officials unwilling to speak up about what is really happening at Sunnyvale Middle School. The community is still unhappy with the school's actions.
If you would like to help with this campaign, please send letters to the following:
Superintendent Doug Williams at:
Sunnyvale Middle School
216 Collins Road
Sunnyvale, TX 75182

We just ask that the students who were involved to no longer be attending school with those who were harassed and assaulted!