Wednesday, April 23, 2008

America's Most Wanted Website Features P.A.V.E.

On the Safety Center section on the America's Most Wanted website, Angela Rose gives information regarding assault victims being revictimized by law enforcement. Check out the link below to learn more about this and watch the video.
Check this out, just launched from America's Most Wanted site - GO PAVE! http://safety. y/victim- empowerment-through-education

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Article in The Patriot Ledger by Wendy Murphy

Wendy Murphy is a well respected leading victims rights advocate. Here, she gives her take on the issue of "Rape By Fraud".

Level 3 Sex Offender has Probation Revoked

In New Bedford, Mass. a 26 year old man was already on probation for attempted rape when he assaulted a 6 year old boy. The child describes the incident that took place on January 30th. This man could be out walking the streets once again after serving just a couple of years. Repeat sex offenders should be monitored for life if they aren't going to spend it in jail.

Teacher Student Sexual Relationship Leads to Resignation

In Austin, Texas, a 27 year old teacher was having a sexual relationship with one of his students. Ranulfo Arias was placed on administrative leave while the investigation was under way. There are so many cases of this happening. Schools are supposed to be a "safe" place for children. They are supposed to be a structured learning environment where we trust that our children are in good hands. What is most interesting to me is that when it is a female teacher and male student, the punishment is less severe. Why is it any different? Either way, it is a crime, a violation of trust and inapporpriate behavior.

Man Receives Two Life Sentences for Rape of Half Sister

In Austin, Texas, James Ray Ross was given two life sentences for sexual assault of a child and sexual assault. He raped his half sister when she was fifteen years old. The victim finally came forward because she wanted to protect her younger sister from this monster. Thankfully, justice was served. This young lady will be affected for the rest of her life, so a life sentence only seems fair. Read more about this case at